Safety tools

When sparks are forbidden!

Safety first - tools according to the highest safety standards for potentially explosive areas.

Non-sparking safety tools

made of copper beryllium (Cu-Be)

for explosion-protected areas
for explosion-protected areas

Conventional tools mostly consist of materials / alloys that are unsuitable for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion (oil and gas extraction, petrochemicals, chemical industry, gas and E-works, spray paint shops, for anti-magnetic applications, ...). In these cases you need special non-sparking tools made from metals such as bronze, brass, copper and aluminum alloys, copper and beryllium alloys. All alloys used for the production of non-sparking tools cause so-called cold sparks, i.e. sparks with a lower degree of heat. This prevents substances from igniting or igniting. The disadvantage: These materials are softer than conventional tools and therefore tend to wear out more quickly.

Non-sparking tools

In addition to the required ATEX zone certification, really good spark-free tools are characterized by the highest possible hardness and thus usability. The softer the tool is, the easier it is to deform it during work. Copper-beryllium alloy tools are harder than the cheaper aluminum-bronze alloy tools.

Subject: Non-sparking tools

Non-sparking tools

Differences in the alloys

Aluminum-bronze tools are cheaper than copper-beryllium tools. The reason lies in the composition of the materials. The price advantage can quickly turn into a disadvantage: The load capacity and service life of aluminum-bronze tools are well below the values of copper-beryllium alloys. We only supply non-sparking tools made of copper beryllium.

Difference of alloys

The usage

Before starting work, make sure that all tools are thoroughly clean, free of rust and free of ferrous contamination. Employees should ensure that they have eye and face protection. Rooms in which flammable gases can form must be well ventilated in order to remove harmful dust and vapors from the air. These simple rules will ensure that you have clean and functional tools and that workplace hazards are minimized.

The ATEX certificate

The term ATEX is derived from the French abbreviation for ATmosphères EXplosibles. The directive currently comprises two directives in the field of explosion protection, namely the ATEX product directive 2014/34 / EU and the ATEX operating directive 1999/92 / EC. Our non-sparking tools meet all required safety standards.

Non-sparking tools

Screwing tools

Description Picture
Torque wrench, range Nm: 30-150
Ratchets, drive in inches: 1/2. 3/4. 1
T-handles, drive in inches: 1/2. 3/4. 1
Extensions, length mm: 100-250
Flexible handles, drive in inches: 1/2. 3/4. 1
Adaptors, drive in inches: 1/2. 3/4. 1
Universal joints, drive in inches: 1/2. 3/4. 1
Socket wrench inserts, wrench size mm: 8-80, square drive inch: 1/2. 3/4. 1
Impact socket wrench inserts, wrench size mm: 19-90, drive square inch: 3/4. 1. 1 1/2
Double open ended spanners, wrench size mm: 6x7 - 46x50
Double ring spanners, wrench size mm: 6x7 - 46x50
Combination wrenches, wrench size mm: 10-70
Striking face ring spanners, wrench size mm: 30-80
Adjustable wrenches, wrench size mm: 19-60
Allen keys, wrench size mm: 1.5-36
Hook wrenches, for nuts with a diameter of mm: 32-170
Non-sparking tools hand tools

Hand tools

Description Picture
Combination pliers
Chain nose pliers
Diagonal cutters
Water pump pliers
Pipe wrenches
Hammers (locksmith's hammers, soft-face hammers, sledge hammers)
Chisel (flat, cross), length mm: 150-400
Pin punches, diameter mm: 1.5-10
Punches, diameter mm: 4-16
Center punch, length mm: 150
Painter´s scrapers
Scrapers (flat, triangular)
Brass wire brushes
Tweezers (flat, pointed)
Scriber pointer handles
Pry bars, crowbars

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