Antistatic tools

When electrostatic discharges are prohibited!

Antistatic tools are used to prevent the undesirable effects of static electricity caused by mechanical friction. Electrostatic charges can lead to undesirable effects of attraction or repulsion or to sudden electrical discharges.

Among other things, the following is achieved with antistatic agents:

Avoidance of dust and “standing” hairs
avoidance of discharge sparks.

Antistatic tools

Of course, this also applies to working with tools. The greatest danger when working with electronic parts and components is electrostatic discharge. Because even small amounts of charge that are not even perceived by humans can destroy the sensitive structures of the components. In addition to an ESD-safe workplace, the tools must also be electrostatically safe. ESD tools correspond to the ESD standard IEC61340-5-1, ESD tool handles have a surface resistance of 10⁶ - 10⁹ Ohm.

Antistatic tools


Description Picture
Electronic diagonal cutters
Electronic cutting nippers
Elektronic pliers
Screwdrivers for fine adjustments
ESD tools in use

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