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Sewa-Werkzeuge GmbH

We are a wholesaler of technical tools and hydraulic products (industrial/high-pressure hydraulics). We stand for competent customer advisors with great expertise and high-quality, innovative, technical tools at the highest quality level. This can be achieved through long-term employment relationships of our employees (know-how) as well as through a corresponding qualitative assortment selection and partnership relationships with our suppliers and producers. The family business was founded in 1987 by Walter Sensendorfer. The main motivation was to create an agile, flexible and stable company that brings high-quality tools closer to Austrian industrial customers. We are currently actively looking after more than 3,000 customers in Austria and Europe.


  • Hydraulic power

    We are your Enerpac authorized dealer base with an extensive warehouse in Austria.
  • Torque-accurate screwing

    Torque tools are screwing tools with which a defined tightening torque ...
  • Screwing tools

    High quality tools with higher durability. A large number of mechanical components are related to the as a product ...
  • Stainless steel tools

    Our stainless steel tools are unlike most of the so-called "stainless steel tools" on the market, which are only externally...
  • Non-sparking tools

    Non-sparking safety tools made of copper beryllium (Cu-Be) for explosion-proof areas. The traditional tools...
  • VDE tools

    Safe working under voltage thanks to VDE-insulated tools. High-quality materials and stress tests guarantee ...
  • Hand tools

    The tool MUST fit comfortably in the user's hand and ensure an ergonomic and safe way of working.
  • Lifting tools

    No matter how you want to lift an object, it is important to make the lifting process safe.
  • Operating facilities

    We also rely on quality products when equipping your workshops. We carry drawer cabinets, for example...
  • Measuring tools

    Measuring and checking means comparing in units and parameters. This basic concept will never change...
  • Workshop supplies

    We are certain that only branded products such as Kukko, Bessey, Brockhaus, Peli, Makita, Pressol, Pica, Stahlwille...
  • Cutting tools

    Just a drill or something more? No, for us a drill is not just a drill - in general...


    BRAVO ratchet lever hoist
    Bravo ratchet lever hoists

    BRAVO ratchet lever hoists now at special net prices. Ideal for lifting applications in extreme conditions. Suitable for lifting, pulling and bracing.

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    The innovative mobile tool storage!
    L-BOXX tool storage

    L-BOXX: The innovative mobile tool storage! Robust construction made of impact and shock-resistant ABS plastic, perfect order and overview.

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    The innovative one-hand clamp - rotatable 360°!
    One-handed clamps - 360° rotatable

    The innovative one-hand clamp - rotatable through 360°. Optimal adaptation of the handle position to the clamping task. With 12-stage locking mechanism for a secure hold.

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    XC2 - hydraulic battery pumps NEW SERIES - ideal for mobile use!
    XC2 battery pumps

    The XC2 series pumps set new standards in terms of speed, battery life and oil quantity, opening up new application possibilities.

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    Davitrac - The complete solution for safe vertical rope access!

    Davitrac - The complete solution for safe vertical rope access! An efficient, mobile alternative in tight spaces.

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    Custom-made foam inlays for tools in a protective case - ready to go!
    Custom-made foam inlays

    Custom-made foam inlays for tools in a protective case - ready to go! Work with us to develop your ideal solution for an individually equipped tool case.

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    Battery-operated torque screwdriver speedE II
    Battery-operated screwdriver

    The new "speedE II" - cordless, battery operated torque screwdriver: Faster screwdriving and protect your wrist!

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    Powerbox - pump set in a transport case
    Pump set in transport case

    The Powerbox - Comfortable and relaxed transport of the pump to the place of use and avoidance of damage to the components during transport.

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    Cordless torque machine up to 10,000 Nm
    Cordless torque machine

    Cordless torque machine up to 10,000 Nm, power and mobility combined! Ideal for mobile use when no power source is available.

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    Customer projects

    Together with our customers, we were able to complete a number of projects, especially in the "hydraulic" and "screwing".

    Replacement of bridge bearings

    The bearings of the Vienna "Reichsbrücke" must be replaced. To do this, 10 Enerpac cylinders (Type CLP2502, lifting force 260 tons per cylinder) are evenly positioned around the bearing. The cylinders are extended with the aid of ...

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    Synchronous displacement of a bridge element

    Customer requirement: the synchronous shifting of a complete railway bridge element to expand a single-track line. Solution: the bridge element is moved to the end position on a rail with the aid of a slide to which the cylinders (left and right) are attached. Fixed by bolts, the bridge ...

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    Pulling off train wheels

    An Austrian transport company with service and maintenance work on locomotive and wagon wheels was looking for a holistic solution for removing wheels. In close technical cooperation, a solution was found with the help of the Enerpac 100 to cross bearing puller. The puller enables ...

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    Here you will find all projects.

    Trading partner

    For us as an Austrian specialist dealer, it is particularly important to only offer tools from well-known manufacturers with a manufacturer guarantee and traceability of the production facilities. We select our private labels with the utmost accuracy and care.

      Latest catalog

      Our current product catalog is called "Tool Catalog No. 21". The catalog includes 9 product groups which are clearly presented on around 500 pages. According to our competencies, these are divided into the following sub-areas: hydraulic power 1, lifting tools 2, screwing tools 3, hand tools 4, special tools 5, workshop supplies 6 , cutting tools 7, measuring and testing tools 8 and operating facilities 9.

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      Torque-accurate screwing

      The "Torque-accurate screwing" catalog provides you with detailed information on the subject of screwing. Whether the screw connection is to be carried out using a battery, compressed air or electric tool, hydraulically or by hand - we will advise you on this topic and offer you a solution that is optimized for the application. Just ask us. You are welcome to leaf through the catalogue, download it or request a print version.

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      Actual informations

      BRAVO ratchet lever hoists now at special net prices. Ideal for lifting applications in extreme conditions. Suitable for lifting, pulling and bracing.

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      We are

      We are a family-run wholesale business for technical tools and hydraulic products. We stand for competent customer service and high quality products.

      SEWA-Werkzeuge GmbH
      Kapruner Generator Straße 18
      +43 (0) 3172 4755-0
      Mo-Do: 07.30-16.30/ Fr: 07.30-15.00

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